About The Event

A business event to show you HOW!

“You can’t be GREAT in front of the room if you have become an expert at being in the back of it.” Kelly Jahner-Byrne

At the HOW Conference, you’ll learn:

• HOW to plan, implement, and adjust business strategies as your business grows
• HOW to involve other players and create lasting partnerships
• HOW to create a unique brand and identity in the marketplace
• How to keep it all legal and avoid costly mistakes
• How to create a strategy, budget, plan and find customers that LOVE you
• HOW to go from a “dreamer” to a “doer” and get it DONE!

Having a business is more than an idea and a business card with your name on it. Thinking it through, involving the players and partners to help you shine, plug in some sweat and BIG effort, we’ll share HOW!


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October 2019

Why This Event?

We decided to go a bit rogue.

What if…
A group of successful entrepreneurs with very specific skillsets who are considered experts in their fields collaborated on a LIVE experience like no other?

They’ll show you HOW to:
• Create an unforgettable brand
• Make fearless sales
• Confront potential legal problems
• Balance work, life, and home
• Much, much more!

There’s no limit to what you can do. Are you ready to learn HOW?

Grow Your Business

You know, really GROW your business.

We want you to know that you’re unique, but you’re not alone. We’re here to help you go from having a “hobby that makes money” to a “business” with sessions on:

• The latest business trends
• Brilliant branding strategies
• The key to consistency and productivity
• Playing nice with the law
• Stunning systems and optimal operations
• Keeping it together—coffee, duct tape, safety pins, and all!

Join our fearless collective of inspired entrepreneurs as we share stories of crashing, burning, and rising to victory together.

Break the mold with us. We’ll show you HOW.

Hurry Up!

Ready to learn HOW? Conference will start in:

Conference Schedule

Schedule coming soon

Past Speakers

The Venue

Joining us overnight? We will have special room rates for attendees.

This state is home to 19 of the top Fortune 500, more than any other place in the country, home of theatre, think tanks and thriving small business. We have 10,000 lakes, a million great ideas and some entrepreneurs that can help show you HOW to be successful in your biz! Join us?

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We want you to get up-close-and-personal with all of our expert speakers.
To make this possible, we’ve capped attendance, limited seating!

Our pricing is specific, too! We know attending events can be expensive and we’ve taken that into consideration for our prices. We want you to be able to Valet Park, collaborate with other business owners, eat fabulous food, and learn HOW to take your business to the next level.

We want YOU to have a great experience, so we’ve created a range of pricing packages to make sure that you can take your experience to the max!


Coming Soon!


October 2019

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