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Achievement Unleashed!

The HOW Inner Circle Experience

Welcome to the HOW Inner Circle Experience, where extraordinary women  like you rewrite their stories of triumph.

Introducing the HOW Inner Circle Experience

Are you tired of settling for mediocrity when you know you’re destined for greatness? Are you ready to shatter the glass ceiling of your business and elevate your confidence to new heights?

The HOW Inner Circle Experience is your ticket to a complete transformation tailored to your success.

The HOW Inner Circle Experience is your ticket to rewriting your success story. Imagine where you could be a year from now, standing alongside other remarkable women who have unlocked their potential.

We Kick Off

October 2023

Here’s what you’ll gain and how it benefits you:

Custom Build-as-You-Go Binder

Your personalized roadmap for a smoother, more organized journey to success.

Imagine having a personal business companion by your side, designed to help you navigate your unique journey. With this comprehensive binder, you’ll stay organized, in control, and on the path to your goals.

6-Month MasterMind Program

Monthly sessions for brainstorming, insights, and accelerated business growth – connect, collaborate, and conquer together.

Every month, on the first Thursday, join our empowering MasterMind group. Here, you’ll brainstorm, share insights, and bolster each other’s growth. This is where ideas turn into action, and your network becomes your greatest asset.

Special Guest Speaker Series

Learn from experts, boost your brand presence, and emerge as a market leader – your business’s credibility and visibility skyrocket.

Success leaves clues, and we’re bringing those clues straight to you. Our Special Guest Speaker Series will teach you the art of brand presence and how to stand out in your market. Get ready to take your business to the next level.

Website Audit

Ensure your online presence shines, attracting and engaging your ideal audience effectively.

Your website is your virtual storefront. Our comprehensive website audit will identify key areas for improvement, ensuring your online presence shines and captures your target audience’s attention.

C.A.S.H. Coaching

Gain Confidence, Articulation skills, Sales mastery, and Harness the power of persuasive language to close deals effortlessly – watch your revenue soar.

Confidence, Articulation, Sales, and Harnessing the power of words – these are the keys to pitching and closing sales with unwavering confidence. Our C.A.S.H. Coaching will transform you into a sales powerhouse.

Marketing Consultation

Customized marketing strategies that turn your vision into profitable campaigns – your brand stands out, and your bottom line reflects it.

Get ready to see your marketing strategies transform into successful campaigns. With a tailored marketing consultation from The HOW Marketing Company, you’ll learn how to turn your ideas into impactful campaigns that drive results.

Sales Training Seminar

Close sales effortlessly, turning leads into loyal customers – watch your conversion rates climb and your revenue grow.

Master the art of closing sales effortlessly with our specialized seminar. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to turning leads into loyal customers.

Niche Networking Template

Use our proven networking template to level up your contacts and expand your business reach within your niche.

Our proven networking template will level up your contacts and expand your business reach within your niche. You’ll learn how to connect with the right people and build relationships that matter.

Networking Session

Grow your network by 10 new contacts – ignite your referral program and supercharge your business growth.

Kickstart a successful referral program by growing your network with 10 new contacts. Our networking session is your gateway to expanding your reach and unlocking new opportunities.

Don’t let this opportunity to empower yourself and your business pass you by.


Join us on this transformative journey towards success.


Ready to elevate your business and your confidence to new heights?

The HOW Inner Circle Experience is designed to deliver transformation and results.


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The HOW Conference

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