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Empower. Elevate. Excel.

Tuesday, September 17th, 2024

LIVE in Minnesota | September 17th, 2024

Kelly Jahner-Byrne

Kelly Lucente

Mick Sterling

Julie Finch

Angie Wittke

Lisa Boe

Experience The HOW Conference, where exceptional women in business come together to spark your entrepreneurial journey. Say farewell to business headaches as you uncover proven strategies to enhance your success, build confidence, embrace accountability, refine your sales skills, seek guidance from inspirational figures, and expand your professional network.

This transformative event is tailored specifically for women entrepreneurs and business owners, offering a nurturing environment where you can unlock your full potential and propel your business forward.

Join us and become part of a movement that combines the power of entrepreneurship with excellence.


10 Speakers

Event Schedule



7:30 am

VIP Check-in Opens VIP’s & Sponsors

8:00 am – 8:45 am

Wake Up and Brew Connections: A VIP Coffee-infused Breakfast Reception for Networking with Influencers, Sponsors, and Speakers

8:55 am

Doors open for all 

Session 1

9:00 am

Confidence and Clarity

Kelly Jahner-Byrne

10:00 am

Power of Referrals and Connections Panel

Lisa Boe

Julie Finch

Angie Wittke

Lisa Zufall

10:45 am

Structured Networking

Kelly Jahner-Byrne

11:50 am


Scholarship and Awards

1:15 pm

From Tragedy to Empowerment

Candy Wolff

Session 2

1:30 pm

Rebrand and Refresh

Kelly Lucente

2:05 pm

Selling, Sales and Service

Kelly Jahner-Byrne

3:00 pm

Structured Networking

Kelly Jahner-Byrne

4:00 pm

Create a Solid Network

Kelly Jahner-Byrne

5:00 pm

Final Thoughts and Wrap Up

Kelly Jahner-Byrne

VIP Event

5:15 pm

VIP Reception – Elite Encounters: The VIP Soiree for Meaningful Connections and Unstoppable Growth
(Invitation Only) Cash Bar, Hosted Appetizers

General Admission


Conference access. General admission to event and lunch included.




VIP Breakfast and early networking with The HOW GAL & her team, presenters. VIP seating, SWAG, and access to the VIP After Event. Lunch included.

Conference Sponsors

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The HOW Conference

Empower. Elevate. Excel.


The Courtyard by Marriott
185 Radio Drive,
Woodbury, Minnesota 55125


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