About The Event

A business event to show and share with you the HOW

You should be here if you can answer YES to any of these questions…

Do you want to grow your network LIVE?

Join us if you would like LIVE structured networking rounds. Yes, a chance to meet face to face with people that can introduce you to that new customer, service or product. And, yes they may need what you have to offer or have the business idea for your success.

Do you want to learn more about the world of Podcasting?

Have you been asked to be a guest, or would like to be a guest on a podcast? Have you considered podcasting as a marketing tool for your business? Do you want to monetize your podcast?

Do you want to meet entrepreneurs that will share their success secrets from stage?

Here’s your chance to meet professionals and hear of their success on our panel. Have a question for them? Awesome, you’ll get to ask.

The HOW Conference sounds interesting but WHO is attending?

Join us if you are ready to meet new people that are ready to do business, buy products or services, learn new systems to scale and grow.  *Past attendees represented; insurance, real estate, branding agency, digital marketing, franchise services, print marketing, the arts, music, social media, legal services, networking organization, chamber of commerce, web design, health and wellness, financial services, banking, medical services, property management, eldercare, business school, non profit, restaurateur, beauty, accounting services, interior design, contract building, students, business coaching, photography, videography, payroll services.

Is there a virtual option to attend?

Yes! We understand that for some, attending conferences virtually is a bit more condusive than hoping on a plane or sitting in a room with a lot of people. So we’ve added virtual conference tickets! So go grab your ticket and we’ll see you soon.

Why This Event?

We decided to go a bit rogue. What? No Webinar?

YES! We’re having a LIVE EVENT this September 12, 2023

Kelly Jahner-Byrne, The HOW Gal is once again hosting The HOW Conf!

  • Successful producer of more than 300 live events
  • Produced the Sold Out TheHOWconf

The HOW Gal is bringing in her team and a few special guests to share, pour into your business the best practices to share the HOW!

There’s no limit to what you can do. Are you ready to learn HOW?

Work ON Your Business, Not In It!

You know, really GROW your business.

We want you to know that you’re unique, but you’re not alone. We’re here to help you go from having a “hobby that makes money” to a “business” with sessions on:

  • The latest business trends
  • Brilliant social media strategies
  • The key to consistency and productivity
  • Playing nice with the law
  • Accountability, Action and Confidence
  • Keeping it together—coffee, duct tape, safety pins, and all!

Join our fearless collective of inspired entrepreneurs as we share stories of crashing, burning, and rising to victory together.

Break the mold with us. We’ll show you HOW.

Hurry Up!

Ready to learn HOW? Conference will start in:








Kelly Jahner-Byrne

The Venue

Minnesota is home to 18 Fortune 500, more than any other place in the country, home of theatre, think tanks and thriving small business. We have 10,000 lakes, a million great ideas and some entrepreneurs that can help show you HOW to be successful in your biz!

Joining us overnight?

Special room rates for attendees. 

Contact The Sheraton Hotel
676 Bielenberg Drive, Woodbury, MN, 55125
(651) 209-3280