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185 Radio Drive,
Woodbury, Minnesota 55125

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Ample Parking

Parking is FREE and plentiful.

Spacious Venue

Enough elbow room to continue a conversation or take a call.

Climate Control

Whatever the weather outside, you can be assured that inside will be the perfect tempurature.

Friendly Staff

Have a question or just need assistance, the staff is happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend?

Hey, trailblazing entrepreneurs! If you’re all about embracing communication confidence, accountability, sales mastery, networking prowess, and unleashing your skills while staying true to your entrepreneurial heart, this conference is your shining moment. Join this empowering gathering where women entrepreneurs like you thrive, connect, and create a community of go-getters, united by the power of communication and business brilliance. Get ready to conquer your dreams while honoring your personal brand and values. It’s time to let your entrepreneurial spirit soar high and conquer new horizons with confidence as your guiding light!

Are there vendor or sponsor opportunities available?

Absolutely! We have sponsorship opportunities that are hotter than a freshly brewed cup of ambition. Becoming a sponsor at our conference is like having a backstage pass to success. You’ll have the chance to showcase your brand to a captive audience of ambitious entrepreneurs, all while basking in the glory of making meaningful connections. It’s a win-win situation that will leave your competitors green with envy. So, if you’re ready to elevate your brand and be the talk of the entrepreneurial town, sponsorship opportunities await. Secure your spot and get ready to shine like the star you are! (Click here for details)

Is there a room rate at the hotel?

Absolutely! We’ve struck a deal with the hotel that’s so good, it’ll make you want to do a happy dance in your entrepreneur shoes. The special room rate we’ve secured is as delightful as finding money in your blazer pocket just when you need it most. It’s a steal that’ll leave you feeling like a savvy business pro, and your wallet will thank you too. So, don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to stay in style without breaking the bank. Book your room now and get ready to indulge in some seriously sweet dreams.

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What is the dress code for The HOW Conference?

At The HOW Conference, our dress code can be summed up in three words: style, smile, and readiness. So, bring your fashion game, flash that dazzling smile, and be ready to network, learn, and grow! There’s no limit to how fabulous you can be while embracing the entrepreneurial spirit.

What can I expect to take away from the conference?

Get ready to pack your metaphorical conference swag bag with an abundance of goodies! At our conference, you can expect to strut away with confidence that’s off the charts. We’ll dish out accountability hacks like nobody’s business, so you’ll be slaying your goals in no time. Sales tactics? We’ve got you covered – get ready to unleash your inner sales superstar. When introducing yourself, harness the power of the mic to showcase your expertise every time. And as for personal branding, prepare to level up your “wow” factor. Last but not least, expect to make solid connections that’ll have LinkedIn begging for mercy. It’s like leaving with a treasure trove of awesomeness. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


Why should I get a VIP ticket?

By securing a VIP ticket to our conference, you’ll unlock a whole new level of fabulousness. Picture yourself indulging in a swanky SWAG bag filled with delightful goodies. Plus, as a VIP, you’ll get exclusive access to intimate morning and after-event gatherings, where connections will flourish, inspiration will flow, and memories will be made. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a part of something truly extraordinary. Grab your VIP ticket now and prepare to be connected and inspired like never before.

The HOW Conference

Empower. Elevate. Excel.


The Courtyard by Marriott
185 Radio Drive,
Woodbury, Minnesota 55125


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