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Your Event Leaders

Kelly Jahner-Byrne

Get ready to meet Kelly Jahner-Byrne, a trailblazer in entrepreneurship, an esteemed business coach, and a dynamic force in the world of professional development! Kelly’s remarkable expertise and unwavering dedication to taking businesses to new heights have made her an internationally acclaimed leader.

With an impressive track record spanning decades, Kelly has empowered clients across diverse industries, including multi-unit franchisees, podcast start-ups, construction companies, successful business coaches, and aspiring stage speakers. Her corporate background, outstanding performance, and entrepreneurial acumen have positioned her as a highly sought-after speaker on various stages.

Kelly’s impactful presence extends beyond her professional achievements. She is the founder of a non-profit organization that has reached the impressive milestone of $1 million in donations. As a published author and Mrs. Minnesota 2001, she embodies a spirit of excellence and inspires others to achieve greatness.

Drawing on her extensive experience as a $1 million sales leader and a managing director of an award-winning women’s networking organization, Kelly is a master of cultivating connections and fostering success. She seamlessly combines her expertise as a health and wellness coach, vocal artist, and coffee connoisseur, bringing a unique blend of skills to the table.

Kelly’s passion for sharing her knowledge extends beyond her personal accomplishments. She actively engages with clients across industries, including multi-unit franchisees, construction professionals, successful business coaches aiming to scale their operations, and individuals ready to showcase their expertise on stage. Her guidance and mentorship have propelled numerous businesses to new heights.

With Kelly Jahner-Byrne at the helm, you can expect an exceptional conference experience that goes beyond your expectations. Her strategic insights and invaluable expertise will help you unlock your business potential and propel your brand to new heights. Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey of growth and success with Kelly as your guide!

Kelly Lucente

Get ready to meet Kelly Lucente, one of the rockstars of entrepreneurship, a CEO with a flair for business, and an absolute branding maestro! Kelly’s strategic business solutions have earned her national recognition, and with over 30+ years of experience in marketing and branding, she’s a seasoned strategist who knows how to make waves.

Throughout her career, Kelly has joined forces with global, customer-focused brands such as Pearle Vision, RE/MAX, Advance Wireless, and even Rollerblade! Talk about putting the fun in functional! But wait, there’s more! Kelly is not just about business; she’s a true champion of product transformation and entrepreneurship.

As if that’s not impressive enough, Kelly also shares her expertise as an advisory board member for the Entrepreneurship In Action program at the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management. She’s all about nurturing the next generation of game-changers. And that’s not all—she mentors aspiring entrepreneurs through the electrifying MN Cup, a statewide new-venture competition. She’s like a superhero for startups!

With her strategic approach to brand management and marketing execution, Kelly has been showered with national recognition. Throughout her career, she has had the opportunity to collaborate with iconic brands such as Mattel, MTV, Pepsi, NASCAR, and even the legendary Super Bowl Halftime Show. This marketing maven was also instrumental in bringing the top three national homebuilders to Minnesota – Pulte, Ryland, and Mattamy. It’s like she’s been living in the VIP section of innovation!

Hold onto your hats because Kelly is the founder of Re-Tool Marketing, a boutique agency that’s like a creativity powerhouse based in the Twin Cities. With her extensive 30+ years of experience, Kelly brings the party to brand management, marketing, and communication strategy. She’s got the secret recipe for success, and she’s ready to share it with companies facing challenges. Her passion is contagious, and when she recognizes pain points, she transforms them into opportunities for growth.

Kelly is a dynamic catalyst who gives ideas legs and helps businesses break through barriers. She’s the life of the marketing party, the master of branding ceremonies, and a trusted expert who has built and led not one, not two, but FIVE successful businesses! Kelly has a special appreciation for small business owners and entrepreneurs, understanding their struggles and guiding them toward triumph.

So get ready to unleash your inner innovator and join Kelly Lucente on a thrilling journey of creativity and success. She’s here to make your brand shine like a disco ball on the dance floor of business! Attend the conference and let’s rock and roll with Kelly!

Lisa Boe

Get ready to meet Lisa Boe, a dynamo of real estate and a beacon of community spirit! Lisa’s passion for helping people shines through every aspect of her work, making her a guiding light for first-time buyers and sellers navigating the exciting journey of home ownership. Whether she’s volunteering on community service boards, engaging with local schools, or offering a helping hand, Lisa is dedicated to empowering others and watching them succeed.

But wait, there’s more! Lisa doesn’t just sell real estate, she creates lasting relationships that go beyond transactions. She understands that buying property is about more than just acquiring a home—it’s about helping families get “unstuck.” Whether clients are uncertain about where to begin, worried about affordability, or overwhelmed by the process, Lisa is there to craft a roadmap to their dream home.

Raised in the heartland of North Dakota, Lisa’s roots run deep in community values. Her journey took her through a career in banking and relocations to Denver and Phoenix before bringing her back “home” to Minnesota in 2006. These experiences give Lisa a unique perspective on what it takes to find the perfect family home. Now, as an empty-nester, she’s more dedicated than ever to helping families and community groups find their way.

Lisa’s extensive background and heartfelt approach make her a true ally in the real estate world. She’s not just about making sales, she’s about making a difference. So, if you’re ready to embark on a home-buying adventure with a guide who cares as much about your dreams as you do, Lisa Boe is your go-to expert.

Julie Finch

Julie Finch is the founder of Finch Law, a boutique firm focused on helping businesses and creatives reach their goals.  Julie is also the host of the Legal Bits for Business podcast, where she shares news and lessons from the law, as well as the journeys of business leaders. 

Julie is one of the original computer lawyers in the country, when portables were the size of a small suitcase and weighted 30#.  As in-house counsel for Honeywell she developed global licensing programs, negotiated contracts around the world and managed a global trademark portfolio containing over 3,000 marks. 

Julie served as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Minnesota, was a partner at Hinshaw & Culbertson and Rider Bennett; has run the small business clinic at what is now Mitchell Hamline; and was an adjunct instructor at the University of St. Thomas and the University of St. Catherine.  Julie now focuses her teaching on creating workshops educating the small business owner on the things they need to do to position their companies for growth. 

Julie’s style is practical, strategic and geared toward business that are ready to get things done.

Angie Wittke

Angie Wittke, a dynamic leader, and innovator, has roots that trace back to a family dairy farm in Iowa. After graduating with a business degree from Loras College in 2003, she launched a successful career in technology, specializing in sales and marketing. Over the past two decades, Angie has been instrumental in driving significant growth in the companies she has worked for, with one notable achievement being her role in transforming a business from a modest $3million operation into a 250 million powerhouse.

Currently, Angie thrives in the Managed Services Provider (MSP) space, where she has played a pivotal role in remodeling and revitalizing an MSP alongside her husband. Her focus is on delivering exceptional value and white-glove service, ensuring the needs of both clients and employees are meticulously met. Angie’s dedication and expertise have earned her recognition as the “Genius of the Month” in the Robin Robin’s program.

A passionate speaker and advocate for technology, Angie hosts the popular podcast “Tangled in the Net,” where she shares insights and stories from the tech and her family world. She is also in the process of writing a book, further solidifying her reputation as a thought leader in the industry.

Angie balances her professional accomplishments with her role as a devoted wife and mother of five children. Her commitment to excellence and her ability to juggle multiple responsibilities make her a standout figure in the tech community.

Candy Wolff
Candy Wolff, the inspirational dynamo who’s making waves as a speaker, author, and the powerhouse behind “Irreplaceably You.” Candy’s diverse background in marketing, sales, event management, writing, and public speaking has equipped her with a unique blend of skills that she brings to every stage she graces.

As the CEO and President of “Irreplaceably You,” Candy is on a mission to empower individuals and families to have open financial conversations, be prepared for the unexpected, and thrive in the face of adversity. Her approach is both pragmatic and compassionate, making her a beacon of hope for those navigating challenging times.

Candy’s journey is a testament to her resilience and dedication. She understands that losing a significant other is an incredibly emotional and stressful experience, and she’s committed to helping people manage it in a practical and empathetic way. Her ability to connect with people on a personal level is nothing short of extraordinary, making her talks not just inspiring but deeply moving.

Candy is not just a speaker, she’s about creating lasting impact. Her engaging talks leave audiences with a sense of hope and renewed energy, ready to tackle their challenges head-on. Candy’s incredible listening skills and her talent for connecting with people make her a trusted advisor and a beloved speaker.

Her dedication to empowering others is contagious, and she transforms adversity into opportunities for growth.

Candy has a special appreciation for those facing life’s toughest challenges, guiding them toward resilience and triumph.

She’s here to make your life shine and ensure you thrive in the face of any challenge!

Lisa Zufall

Meet Lisa Zufall, the mastermind behind Rock UR Website™ and the dynamic CEO of Birch Solutions! With over 20 years of experience in tech, marketing, and sales, Lisa is a powerhouse dedicated to helping businesses rock their online presence. From fledgling startups to Fortune 500 companies, she brings unparalleled energy and enthusiasm to every project (and let’s be honest, a little caffeine, too).

Her insights and sense of humor make her a sought-after speaker and host at events around the globe, where she shares her wisdom with audiences eager to learn from the best.

Lisa is not just about working behind the scenes, she’s also the star of monthly workshops where she unveils her secrets for launching, growing, and rocking businesses of all kinds. Whether it’s the latest marketing trends or advice on keeping your social media game strong, Lisa’s workshops are the place to be.

Lisa’s commitment to helping businesses succeed is evident in everything she does. Her ability to demystify complex tech and marketing concepts makes her a beloved mentor and advisor. And while she’s all about serious business growth, she knows how to keep things fun—just ask her to break out her old mixtapes!

Lisa helps entrepreneurs identify and implement the tools they need to dominate the digital landscape.

Lisa has a special appreciation for entrepreneurs looking to make their mark, guiding them toward digital excellence and success.

So get ready to unleash your online potential. She’s here to make your business shine and ensure you rock the internet like never before!

Abby Kelsey

Meet Abby Kelsey, a digital dynamo and social media sensation! Abby is a rockstar Digital Growth Marketer and Social Media Strategist who’s all about taking brands to the next level. Whether she’s working with scrappy startups or industry giants like Fortune 500 companies, Abby’s data-driven creativity transforms traditional strategies into innovative masterpieces.

As the founder of Always Social, Abby is on a mission to empower professionals at every level. She’s a wizard with analytics, turning numbers into compelling social strategies that captivate audiences and drive explosive growth. With a knack for enhancing market positioning through tailored digital marketing solutions, Abby knows how to make brands shine.

But that’s just the beginning! Abby’s career is a whirlwind of success stories and impactful results. She’s not just a marketer, she’s a master of market transformation, using her expertise to elevate B2B brands into industry leaders. Abby’s strategic approach is all about creating waves in the digital space, and her innovative tactics are the secret sauce behind her clients’ success.

Abby’s journey is filled with exciting collaborations and groundbreaking achievements. Her visionary work has positioned her as a trusted expert in the field, and she’s passionate about sharing her knowledge with the next generation of digital marketers. Whether she’s speaking at conferences or mentoring up-and-coming talent, Abby is all about fostering growth and innovation.

Get ready to be inspired by Abby Kelsey! She’s the life of the digital marketing party, a true catalyst for growth, and a dynamic force in the world of social media strategy. Join her on a journey of creativity and success, and discover how to leverage social media for personal and corporate growth. With Abby in your corner, your brand is sure to sparkle like a star on the digital stage!

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